Rent to Buy.

This allows us to combine the benefits of both, it's very simple!

Talk with Lucas

Lucas lets you choose between a variety of properties, plus you can bring your own dream home too! You just need to put in 5% of the property value and Lucas will take care the rest.

Choose your new home and move

Enjoy your new home starting now, paying only the monthly rent. Your rent will be used to increase your ownership in the house every month.

Increase your ownership

You will own a larger part of your house every month, just by paying the rent!

After three years, you choose - you can finish the purchase of the house, or you can get the 5% down payment back. It's like having a trial period on your house before having to buy it!

Do you know what can you buy with your rent?

With this tool, you can get a ballpark estimate of what you can pay with your savings and your rent.

If you buy a property valued today in:

Your rental payment is about : £1.188 / mes

With Lucas, your down payment is::


Traditional down payment


Buy your house with Lucas!